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Socks Factory presents a kids’ collection by a Russian manufacturer. In our assortment, you will find socks and tights for children and teenagers. The company offers favorable conditions for stores that buy goods wholesale in large quantities, getting more attractive prices. And we are also ready to consider cooperation with the organizers of joint purchases, i.e. purchases in medium and small volumes. We offer loyal conditions and favorable prices for such cases as well. Our factory has been operating for over 60 years and has been paying attention to fashion trends and customer needs. We have modern production technologies and use only high-quality raw materials. Thanks to that, tights for girls and socks for boys remain inexpensive but of high quality. For newborns, there is a special line, Soft 3D, made of soft high-quality fiber. Tights for girls can be colored and patterned while remaining hypoallergenic. This is very important in the modern world, as nowadays, many children have their own peculiarities. For boys, we offer stylish monochrome short socks or football-themed long socks. The company can manufacture customized products from hosiery design to packaging. When concluding long-term contracts with large wholesalers, free transportation is possible. Delivery of batches is carried out only in packages of 10 or 100 units with branded labels. We value our buyers and they can trust us.

Kids’ socks in bulk from the manufacturer that we offer have exceptional advantages:

Extra strength. The socks do not rub off or tear and hence, last longer than usual and are resistant to stretching. Children’s socks from our store have a unique texture. So, they will not lose their regular shape even after long-term use.
Environmental friendliness. Our products are manufactured using only carefully tested raw materials. And that means that even newborns and children who have allergic reactions to low-quality synthetics can wear them.
Practicality. Children’s socks, which can be purchased from us in bulk, do not require special care. They can be washed many times. Thanks to the unique weave type, it is easy to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt that tend to accumulate on the feet.
Beautiful design. Children’s socks are famous for their exquisite appearance. After all, they are not just everyday pieces of clothing but also a mood. Since socks can be of various colors, you can choose this accessory to complete a particular look. Moreover, we offer models complemented by interesting patterns and decorations.

We recommend buying wholesale children’s socks in our store because they all have an acceptable price policy. Moreover, our products are famous for the best quality indicators. They are pleasant to the touch, as they only contain proven materials. As a rule, it is cotton or wool. The second option has unique warming properties, so it is ideal for use in the cold season. In our store, you can find children’s socks made either on circular or flat sock machines depending on the manufacturing method. Thanks to a wide range of such goods, even the most choosy wholesaler can make a purchase from us.