Delivery policy

Delivery policy
Delivery policy

Delivery policy:

  • Minimum order – 100 pairs of one color and size
  • Packaging and shipment of the order in 5-7 working days. (Please note that the shipment period may be extended by 1-2 business days when shipping by Russian Post)
  • Delivery to any transport company is free. The list of transport companies is indicated below. We work with Russian Post.
  • If you need the transport company cargo insurance for the full amount or hard packaging – let us know about it when placing or paying for the order.
  • We ship orders to any region of Russia and worldwide
  • If you do not know which company to choose, you can ask the manager to choose the best one for you when placing an order. We will select the most suitable one!
  • Delivery services are paid with the order.

For large wholesale customers

Shipment of goods depends on the warehouse employees and managers’ workload and the availability of goods in stock. The order is prepared in no more than 5-7 working days. The shipping time slightly increases before the holidays and during the high season. But our team is trying to shorten the time frame and ship the orders faster.

For small wholesale customers

Dear customers, we ask you to be patient and are warning you that the applications are processed within 5-7 working days. Our organization works with large clients, therefore, warehouse employees and managers are often very busy. Thus, the shipment time can be extended. But we do not want to lose you as regular customers, and we do our best to send your orders as quickly as possible.

Another advantage of shipping is that a buyer may need to pack his order in hard packaging. This may be especially relevant for those who order goods to some remote northern regions of Russia. In that case, you can be sure that a person will receive the product under any circumstances. Moreover, in some regions, post office employees do not work professionally enough, so they can easily damage the goods if they were not packed in a hard box.

Packaging, as well as shipment of goods, takes no more than four days. This is an extremely important advantage, as only a few other stores provide such a high operation speed. Our online store offers really fast shipment! Our store employs a large number of specialists who perfectly understand all the features of orders shipment. Thus, they can easily cope with large volumes of work.

Fast delivery of goods under any circumstances. The company’s customers never have to worry about receiving their orders on time. We ship ordered wholesale and retail cotton socks, tights for children, and women’s tights. We use the most modern order picking technologies, so customers can be sure that they will receive the goods on time and without any delays.

Our managers will assist you when choosing a company that will deliver goods directly to your region of residence. You can be sure that the goods will not be lost on the way, and the delivery time will not increase due to insufficient professional work of the delivery service staff. We carry out delivery from a warehouse to any part of Russia.

Quality assurance is another important advantage of our store.

The fact is that quality assurance guarantees that a customer will not receive a defective product under any circumstances. It is very important since it allows you to order a large batch of goods without any fear.

Payment methods for legal entities

On the website, you should create an application, indicating the payment and delivery methods. After that, a manager will send you a confirmation that the order is accepted, the amount to be paid, and the invoice for payment. The confirmed order can be paid within 5 days. For this period, the goods will be booked in the warehouse. We ship the goods no later than 5-7 days after we receive the payment to our account. We provide a full package of documents: contract, bill, certificates, invoices. We remind VAT payers that we work under a simplified taxation system with no VAT included.

Payment methods for individuals

Payment through the payment terminal on the website.

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