Custom packaging


  • Design and production of packaging/labels
  • Types of labels/packaging
  • Materials for the production of labels
  • Printing methods
  • Boxes and complex labels cutting
  • Additional services
  • Calculation of the batch cost

Design and production of packaging/labels

  • The process of creating a packaging/label begins with the provision of a statement of work or an idea/concept by the client. If you have a brand book, please attach it to your email;
  • The logo must be provided in vector format (ai, eps, cdr);
  • All the necessary texts for packaging/labels are provided by the customer;
  • The terms of the project implementation depend on the complexity of the design being developed, which are discussed before the start of work (the minimum time frame is 3-5 working days);
  • The minimum cost of a label/packaging design starts from 5,000 rubles;
  • A label/packaging can be produced by the factory’s own printing machinery or by a customer according to the contractor’s printing recommendations. The contractor undertakes to provide the original mockups in a format prepared for printing or the initial project data on the client’s request after full payment for the project;
  • Shipping cost of labels/packaging is calculated separately from the hosiery production;

* It is mandatory to indicate the place of production and the legal name of the manufacturer both on the label and packaging. Since the production and products of the factory are certified, it is impossible to release products without a label indicating the manufacturer.

Types of labels/packaging

  1. Simple form sew-in fold-over label
  2. Complex shape fold-over label
  3. Schuber
  4. Rigid boxes (classic shoebox, tray box with sleeve, book-style)
  5. Sticker
  6. Paper bag
  7. Craft bag
  8. Vacuum packaging
  9. Doypack with and without zip-lock
  10. LDPE packaging of different densities 11. Hangtags made of cardboard and plastic

Basic materials we are using for the manufacturing of labels/packaging:

  • Chalk overlay paper (of no more than 300 grams)
  • Chalk overlay, designer, binding cardboard, and corrugated fiberboard
  • Designer paper of any name (in stock and on request)
  • 3 mm or 5 mm plastic (LDPE)
  • 3mm acrylic
  • Self-adhesive paper with the possibility of plotter cutting and winding on a reel for automatic sticking by the customer.
  • Synthetic paper
  • Glossy/matte/soft-touch lamination
  • Wood of different varieties

Printing/Application Methods:

  • Digital printing (for small runs)
  • Offset printing (for the runs of 1000 items and more)
  • UV printing/varnish
  • Large format printing
  • Embossed with gold/silver. The production of an embossing stamp is also included in the range of our services.
  • Silk-screen printing up to 5 colors
  • Laser cutting/engraving
  • Foiling

Boxes and complex labels cutting:

  • Manufacturing of punching dies for products of complex shapes
  • Cutting, assembly, and packaging of hosiery according to the customer’s order
  • Development of packaging design is also included in the list of services of our design department

Additional services:

Our printing department can fulfill an order for the production of printing and souvenir products of any complexity upon request.

To calculate the cost of a print run, you have to indicate:

  1. Product size (in mm) in width-height-length format. In case if the product contains complex shapes, locks, and folds, it is necessary to provide an unfolded mockup.
  2. The material the product is made of
  3. The presence or absence of lamination
  4. The presence or absence of creases
  5. Printing colorness
  6. Product batch quantity
  7. Original mockup prepared for printing

Our managers will be happy to advise you on any questions that may occur if necessary.

Product packaging according to customer requirements is carried out:

  • By the manufacturer. Terms and cost are discussed separately
  • By customer. The labels/packaging are provided disassembled.


  • Delivery of finished products or labels/packaging is carried out separately from the products at the desirable time by a transport company of the customer’s choice at the customer’s expense.
  • Delivery is carried out by land, water, or air transport at the request of the customer.
  • Delivery is carried out to any place in Russia and worldwide.
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