Custom socks manufacturing


73 ₽ / one pair 20 ₽ / one pair
Approximate cost:
You save:
Element 10
One size fits all:
from 38 to 45 (EU)
or from 8 to 12 (US)
Element 9
80% Cotton
18% Polyester
2% Spandex
Element 8
Manufacturing time
4-6 weeks
per batch
Element 7
Your socks
will be delivered
to the specified address
Our factory can make customized socks of any color and design for you. We have our own production and even minimal batches are possible. We use expensive European equipment and high-quality combed cotton. We can make socks with your logo or your football team's corporate identity. Socks with your own unique and special design. We are open to collaborations with other brands.
Manufacturing of socks with an individual design
Fabric composition of a classic model
80% combed cotton
17% polyamide
3% elastane
Natural cotton
The socks produced by contain 80% natural cotton of the highest class. It gives the socks increased strength, softness, ease of care, as well as an attractive appearance.
Combed yarn
Smooth structure, improved relief, and bright colors are the result of the combed system for the production of yarn for our socks. Combed yarn socks are more hygienic, skin-friendly, and comfortable to wear.
Manufacturing of socks with an individual design
Reinforced heel and toe
The heel and toe of our socks are knitted using a special bobbin thread, which is many times stronger than cotton and other materials. So you can safely run on your heels through the streets of your beloved city.
Anatomical elastic band
Special anatomical elastic band designed to ensure maximum comfort for sock lovers. Its distinctive features allow the sock not to slide down the leg and not to squeeze it at the same time.
Shoe sizes (sock sizes are indicated in brackets):
34-37 (23)
38-41 (25)
42-46 (27/29)
46-49 (31)

Sock knitting services

Socks Factory offers a knitting service according to the client’s own design.

  • To get started, you need to fill out the statement of work that will be sent to our technical design department
  • A sketch of the product can be drawn by hand or created using software programs for designers
  • If there are any special fonts, they should be sent as separate files
  • The required colors should be indicated according to the CMYK color scheme to ensure a more convenient color selection
  • It is necessary to indicate the size of men’s, women’s, or children’s products you are interested in.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the cost of design development according to your sketches in the “Design development regulation” section
  • The term for creating a design according to the customer’s sketches is from 3 to 5 working days.
  • The first adjustments are made using an electronic mockup
  • The second stage of making corrections is done using a physical copy sent to the client.
  • The cost of producing a trial sample and its delivery are paid separately.
  • After the physical copy is approved, we proceed to sew the batch according to the agreed sizes and colors, on the basis of a contract signed by both sides, as well as a paid invoice
  • If a customer does not provide a sketch and it is necessary to create a design from scratch, the cost of the service increases to 5,000 rubles. In this case, the customer forms the direction of an idea. Within 3-5 working days, the client will be provided with 3 design projects for approval.

Custom logo socks

We can produce a batch of socks with your company’s logo. In corporate colors and style. For corporate gifts, merchandise, or sales in your stores. Colored socks will improve the mood of your employees and partners. Socks are a great gift.

We will make socks according to your individual design

Use the order builder to help us quickly process your application and create custom socks. If you need certain colors or shades of yarn, we will order it from our suppliers or select analogs. The samples will have to be approved by you before starting the production.

Types of hosiery:

Invisible socks, low socks, medium socks, high socks, knee-high socks, low stockings, high stockings, mesh stockings


We use only high-quality materials and make sure to check the certification of all suppliers. We buy yarn and synthetic base (elastic bands and reinforcements for the heel and toe) from Russian and European manufacturers. We provide a quality certificate for all our products. We can help you design and print labels for your socks so that you don’t have to spend money on delivery.

Socks composition

Our products are 80% quality combed cotton. No impurities or tricks. 15% polyamide is a reinforcement for the heel and toe and a base that allows the sock to stretch freely and fit the foot comfortably. 5% is elastane which is used for rubber bands.

We have two-system knitting machines. They allow us to make a sock with a minimum amount of “fringe” inside. And also to knit complex jacquard. In this case, the percentage of polyamide will be slightly higher, and the sock itself will be significantly thicker.

A minimum batch quantity and cost

We use our own equipment and are ready to accept orders from only 100 pairs.

Of course, you need to knit in large batches to get a good price. Our prices start at 35 rubles/pair and directly depend on the total volume of the order, the quantity for each article, and the complexity of knitting.

High-quality eco-friendly materials.
Control of each product
Fast delivery across Russia.
Worldwide delivery
Convenient payment,
exchange, and return process
Why order from us?
Our production has been modernized to create unique socks. We have spent a lot of time on this, and we continue to develop! We do not knit plain socks!
Minimum batch quantity
We work with orders of 1000 pairs minimum. You will not find such conditions anywhere else.
Quality and, once again, quality! It's not only about materials, but also about the density of knitting, the number of rows, modernization of equipment for socks with patterns, and so on.
Size chart included
Even if the order contains a minimum batch (for design), you can include the size chart in the order. And there will be no extra charges for this!
Tight deadlines
Believe us, we know how to set records!
Our price list is based on the order volume, the complexity of the pattern, and the product type (low cut, sports, classic, knee-highs). But we try to keep the prices competitive!
Work process
Data collection
You form a detailed idea.
Filling out the brief
You transfer all the information to our questionnaire
Mockup creation
We want you to create a schematic mockup based on your idea and our questionnaire. If possible. Create a layout of 156 (width) (78 - one side of the sock (A1-A2 zone) plus 78 - the second side of the sock (A3-A4 zone) and 320 (160 pixels leg height and 160 footprint length) pixels in 16 colors, bmp format. This will allow us to agree on the product as clearly and quickly as possible and start producing it.
Paying for the sample
You pay for the mockup. *The cost of the sample is included in the batch bill when agreeing on the batch quantity.
Mockup design
We design the product according to the colors in the program. We provide a picture from the program to you. You confirm it. We make changes to the sample prepared for approval if it has not met all the wishes of the customer.
Sample production
We make a pair of socks based on the data from the questionnaire, the confirmed image from the program, and the canvas.
Prepayment for the batch
You pay 75% of the order cost.
Launching production
We start manufacturing the batch.
Shipment and final payment
We deliver the order. You pay the remaining amount.
Free consultation on supply and production
I agree to the data transfer conditions by submitting the form

Kids’ tights

Height Foot size/length Age Shoe size
74-86 11-12 6 month-1 year 18-19
80-86 12-13 1,5-2 20-21
86-92 13-14 2-2,5 21-22
92-98 14-15 2,5-3 23-24
98-104 15-16 3-4 24-25
104-110 16-17 4-5 25-26
110-116 17-18 5-6 27-28
116-122 18-19 6-7 28-29
122-128 19-20 7-8 29-30
128-134 20 8-9 30-31
134-140 20-21 9-10 31-32
140-146 21-22 10-11 32-33
146-152 22 11-12 33-34
152-158 22-23 12-13 35-36
158-164 23-25 13-14 36-37

Kids’ socks

Foot size/length Age Shoe size
9-10 up to 6 month
11-12 6 month – 1 year 18-19
12-14 1-2 20-22
14-16 3-4 23-25
16-18 5-6 26-28
18-20 7-8 29-31
20-22 8-9 32-34
22-24 10-12 35-38

Men’s socks

Foot size/length Shoe size
23-25 39-40
27-29 41-43
31-33 44-46

Women’s socks

Foot size/length Shoe size
21-23 36-37
23-25 37-38

Women’s tights

Height Hips Foot length Shoe size
164 96-100 23-25 37-38
104-108 23-25 37-38
112-116 23-25 37-38
158 96-100 23-25 37-38
104-108 23-25 37-38
112-116 23-25 37-38
152 96-100 21-23 36-37
104-108 21-23 36-37
112-116 21-23 36-37
In the past 30 years of work, we have manufactured socks for:
Клиенты фабрики носков
We deliver socks, tights and other goods:
We deliver socks, tights and other goods
Custom printed socks
Are you dreaming of releasing a collection of socks with your own design? We can embody almost all your fantasies and hidden desires in socks. Ornaments, patterns - you can come up with any print for your socks. If you have a clothing brand, we can release a joint collection of socks in your company’s style. Such a striking accessory will significantly increase your store’s average check. And if you offer your customers packs of socks, they will become an excellent independent product.
Custom socks with your own design from 1000 pairs
In our factory, you can order not only socks in bulk, but also socks with a logo or in the corporate identity of the brand and events for a variety of needs. Merch, promo, souvenirs, gifts, a good to expand the range - socks have proven to be an excellent tool for corporate gifts.
Socks order builder
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