Return policy

Return policy
Return policy

According to the terms of the store, the buyer can return any goods they do not like no later than 14 days after receiving the parcel if the return conditions are met.
The delivery payment is carried out by the customer in all cases, except for the detection of obvious shortcomings associated with non-compliance with the conditions of the Order, which arose through the fault of the store.

  1. It is necessary to carefully pack the goods in the original packaging in a complete set (you need to send the goods in whole packages, exactly in the same form as you received it).
  2. Email us a complete list of returned goods, their cost, and the reason for return at vo*****@fa***********.ru.
  3. Indicate the method of refund (a postal order or transfer to a bank account, indicating it).
  4. Send the parcel by mail to the mailing address of the store
  5. After sending the parcel, notify us about it by sending an email to vo*****@fa***********.ru specifying the postal identifier number.

Return conditions

The return of the goods is carried out only if their original appearance and properties are preserved:

  • the product is in its original packaging, which contains all the necessary elements;
  • there are no traces of use and wear on the products.

If these criteria are not met, the exchange of products will not be performed.

To make the return of products without time delays, here are all the main actions of the buyer. If you find obvious shortcomings of the received products, you should:

  • Put the products in their original packaging in the form in which they were received. If you need to send back the whole batch, you should perform all the same actions – to pack all the products in the full set. Remember that products must be in the same condition in which they were delivered.
  • Inform us about the reasons for the return by email at vo*****@fa***********.ru. It is necessary to indicate the entire list of products and their exact cost.
  • Specify a convenient way to return funds (bank account, e-wallet, postal order). Be careful! We are not responsible for the return details you have specified incorrectly. The funds transferred to an incorrectly specified account or wallet will not be returned.
  • Send packed goods by mail to the address
  • Send an email to vo*****@fa***********.ru about the product shipment and indicate the number of the postal identifier.

If you need a consultation, then use the feedback form, which you can find on the website. Type your message in it, describe the situation in detail, specify your contact information: phone, email. You can also contact our managers regarding all questions by calling the toll-free number: 8 800 444-11-56. We will promptly resolve any return issues.

If you want to receive a phone call at a convenient time for you, use the callback service. In the form, you must enter your name, phone number, and the time you want to receive the call. Our consultants will call you back at the specified time.

Reasons for the return of goods

In case of the order conditions violation that occurred through the fault of the store, the buyer has the right to make a refund within seven calendar days after receiving the product. To do this, you must inform us about non-compliance with the conditions in advance and demand compensation.

The return of goods is carried out only if its original appearance and properties are preserved:

  • incorrect number of products sent,
  • wrong size, color, material,
  • incomplete set of products,
  • non-compliance with the specified characteristics,
  • lack of proper quality of goods (obvious defect),
  • receiving a completely different product,
  • receiving products with minor damage, etc.

The store is fully responsible for the quality of the products offered, therefore, we will consider all violations immediately and undertake to fulfill the buyer’s requirements in full.

The client has the right to refuse products that do not meet his needs, and, respectively, the proper form. He has the right to make a refund of his funds. In this case, it will be necessary to return all products to the specified address in their original appearance.

Important! We do not accept products without original packaging in open form. All these principles should not contradict the law. Delivery should be carried out by mail, or we recommend that you perform pickup, but in compliance with all the above conditions

Fast return, excellent service

We understand that in accordance with the law, we do not have to accept most of the textile products and hence incur additional costs. However, we try to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with the quality of the services offered, therefore we are always ready for cooperation and partnership. If the client is not satisfied with the quality of socks or tights for any reason, we are always ready to listen to the customer and meet him halfway. You will be able to return the purchased product, provided that it has not been used. Please, return the products in their original packaging. We will refund your money, even if the order was made for the minimum amount. Delivery of summer and winter (warm) socks, panties, and tights will be carried out by Russian Post. The main thing for us is cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. Therefore, we have an individual approach to each client. The trust of our customers and the demand for our products are the main incentives for our store. Thus, the opinion of our customers is more important than immediate costs.

Important! We will immediately issue a refund for defective goods. To do this, you will need to send a photo of the damaged product to our email. We will transfer money through the specified payment method immediately.

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